Advantages of Having Sex Regularly

When we talk about advantages of sex, you may wonder whether sex has advantages more than the sex pleasure one gets at the end. Yes, you heard it right, sex will have in fact healthy benefits for you. Some people will only imagine that too much sex will cause the vagina to become loose. However, the question is can too much sex loosen your vagina? Regular sex will enable you to have great benefits which you may not imagine of. There are several advantages of having sex regularly in this article we explain to you that too much sex is not bad but will instead improve your health.

Sex helps in boost your fertility

Most men will not believe this but the fact is having sex more often will improve your sperm quality. This is gdgdgbecause the best semen was reached at when a person had sex last like two days ago. If for instance, you want to have a baby you should consider having sex at least two days a week, and this should not only apply when the woman is almost experiencing ovulation. Also, regular sex will play a role in balancing a woman’s hormones. Similarly, sex will help in the regulation of a woman’s periods hence boosting chances of conceiving.

Helps to ease nasty periods

Most women have come to appreciate that having sex while they are experiencing painful period pains will help in easing the pains. This is possible because during sex there are a lot of contractions which take place. When you reach the climax during the sex ordeal, the excitement will create relieve the tension that is in the muscles of the uterus. These are themes which cause menstrual cramps and hence will ease the pain after.

Helps in lowering your risk of incontinence

vcvsgWhen you engage in good sex, you will be working your pelvic muscles, and this is good exercise. The pelvic muscles are in charge of controlling orgasms, the flow of urine and reduction of incontinence. When you become pregnant or when you reach menopause the muscles will weaken but engaging in regular sex will help in strengthening this muscles. Stronger pelvic muscles will lower prolapse and incontinence.

Sex helps in preventing a heart attack

Most studies have indicated that regular sex will help in preventing heart attacks and not causing them as most people had claimed. The recent studies have shown that having sex three times a week will reduce the risk of you having a stroke or heart attack. Similarly, studies have also shown that women who attained orgasm twice a week have lower chances of experiencing heart diseases as compared to those who didn’t have any.


Wounds – A skin-deep look and beyond

Although most wounds are skin deep, such as scrapes or bruises, there can be other severe forms of injuries like deep cuts and puncture wounds. These may not only harm the skin but go well beyond into deeper tissue or muscle and cut into vital arteries causing blood loss through severe trauma. However, for our purposes, we will deal with some of the more common forms of injuries incurred in daily life which are non-fatal in nature.

An Intro to wounds

While most injuries are caused by accidents such as scratches, bruises, scrapes or minor cuts, animal or human bites can also attribute to wounds. Whatever may be the case the healing of wounds follows the same patterns in most cases unless hindered due to some physiological factors within the body or due to external factors in an environment.

Types of wounds

2Before describing the common types of wounds, it is important to mention that it is not necessary for all wounds to bleed. An inflamed wound where the affected and surrounding areas are inflamed may also be considered as a wound and is often the initial reaction of the skin to a trauma. With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the common types of wounds.


cuts and abrasions – These are the most common types of cuts
that occur in daily life and can be caused due to anything ranging from a kitchen knife, to a fall on the pavement or sliding on a field and many other scenarios. The best way to deal with them is by washing the wound with clean soap and applying antibacterial ointments to help provide protection against infections.


Lacerations – Deep lacerations or cuts are the types of wound which occur from a more severe form of trauma. These wounds usually go through the skin and into deeper tissue such as muscles or in some extreme cases into bone. First aid remedies in such situations are only administered to stop or minimize blood loss until professional help can be sought. Stitches may often be required in many cases while more severe forms of trauma may need urgent medical attention.


Wounds – These can vary anywhere from a slight needle prick that damages superficial blood vessels to severe trauma in the cases or accidental impalement or in the case of stab wounds. As the name implies, smaller wounds need to be treated as mentioned in the superficial cuts section, while the severe cases need urgent medical attention with first aid targeted towards the minimization of blood loss. Although bites from humans and animals can be classified as puncture wounds, more often than not they are also classified along with lacerations and cuts depending on the severity.


3Sores or pressure sores – These are a different variety of wounds which are not caused by trauma. When certain areas of the body are constantly under pressure, it may cut off the blood circulation to that specific area. In such cases, the affected area develops wounds known as bed sores or pressure sores. This is fairly common among patients who are bed ridden.

It is extremely important to care for a wound properly, even if it is a light abrasion or scrape to allow it to heal properly. More severe wounds must be referred to a medical professional immediately, and the ensuing recovery process must also be handled with care and caution.


The 4 Most Common Side Effects Of Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is a common procedure nowadays, which allows for rapid weight loss. It is one of the only options for extremely obese people that require a medical solution to their weight problem. For patients that are not obese, though, it’s not recommendable to do this surgery as there are more natural ways to lose smaller amounts of weight. It is not a free ticket to being thin, as it’s a major surgery with plenty of potential side effects. In this article, you will find the most common side effects of Bariatric surgery:

Common side effects of bariatric surgery

Hair loss

This is a side effect that most patients sufjmkmb25er25te6dy27u28282i92fer. Major surgeries have a major impact on the human body and hair loss is a consequence of many procedures, not just this one. The rapid weight loss and malnutrition also help increase the odds of hair loss. Luckily, this is not a permanent side effect. Most patients can expect it to cease after half a year, at most. If it doesn’t, consult a physician just in case, but remember that everybody reacts to changes differently and at different speeds.


Patients feeling sharp abdominal pain after a Bariatric surgery should consult a physician as soon as possible, as it could be an ulcer. Ulcers are fairly common and normally occur during the first three months of the operation. If you do have an ulcer, they can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Consulting a professional physician is highly recommended instead of attempting to treat it at home.


Losing weight fast causes Gallstones to form. To avoid them, a surgeon may recommend a certain supplement to be taken after the operation, or even removing the Gallbladder altogether. Gallstones can be painful, so any safe measures that help avoid them are recommended. Asking the surgeon is the best way to learn how to prevent Gallstones.

Nausea and Vomit

In the inihnjm2e6t26ey27ue8i282itial period after the surgery, patients need to be extremely careful with their food consumption. A high percentage of patients suffer from this side effect. The possibility of constant nausea and getting easily dizzy when food is not chewed well enough or at any time after eating should be expected. Patients that have this procedure done are usually accustomed to consuming large quantities of calories every day.

Overeating after a Bariatric surgery can lead to vomiting and diarrhea every single time. Patients must attempt to adjust their eating habits some time before the operation to prevent this side effect. Half a year or more is recommended, and then maintaining a healthy diet after the operation for as long as possible – this will reduce nausea and weakness side effect considerably and even potentially erase it.


Important Tips On How To Identify The Best Heart Hospital

How can you identify the best heart hospital? What makes some hospitals more preferred compared to others? These are just some of the common questions which are left unanswered. The truth is that there are very few heart hospitals which are considered to be reliable in their field of expertise. It is, therefore, imperative to understand what to look for and how to identify best heart hospital.

How to identify the best hejmkmn2w6t26dy72u82i29art hospital

For a hospital to be recognized as the best heart hospital, it has to have professional surgeons and well-trained staff, modern technology equipment as well as excellent rehabilitation and recovery facilities. Below are some of the important tips on how to identify the best heart hospital

Check on the services offered

The type of service provided is characterized by the kind of equipment in the hospital. With the advanced technology, most of the top-rated hospitals are equipped with modern equipment that can detect heart diseases at an early stage. This is vital because choosing a hospital with equipment which are poorly maintain will lead to poor results. Some of these modern equipment includes the MRI machines that allow the experts to distinguish between the perilous medical condition and benign with a better clarity and the SPY Elite imaging tool among others.

The professionalism of the surgeons and the physicians

These two determines the kind of results you are likely to get from a particular hospital which is why you should do a thorough research before any treatment. This is achieved by checking their previous treatments and surgeries to determine how many were successful and how many failed.

Referral from a heart care doctor is also an excellent way to identify a great professional. A good heart hospital should also have staffs who have adequate knowledge pertaining heart diseases. These workers are also expected to assist the patients starting from the hospital’s administration office to other departments of the hospital.

Check the rehabilitation and recovery facilities

This is anotherhnjmwed5t25edt2u2u282i great way on how to identify best heart hospital for your treatment or surgery. The hospital needs to take care of you until you fully recover from the heart ailments. In other words, you need to be in good shape and feel confident at the time of discharge, and this is why the recovery program and rehabilitation facilities are very paramount in heart hospital.

By choosing the best hospital with qualified experts and advanced technology equipment, you are guaranteed to receive excellent results even with the most severe heart problems. Death rates are also minimal in such hospitals. Be ready to pay some good money for the services which is worth your overall health condition.